Loren Luise Dann

Woodbury, N. J.


Mixed media artist Loren Dann’s work explores intersectionality by exposing the difficult questions and unraveling the tangle of answers surrounding this multi-dimensional topic. Loren’s multi-disciplinary approach gives a voice to those who feel distorted and encourages viewers to identify their own roles in forming society’s aesthetic expectations. Her work has been exhibited internationally and most extensively in New York, Philadelphia, and New Jersey. Her freelance work makes appearances on material cultural items from album covers to upholstery to handbags creating a strong and recognizable presence. Loren’s skill as an art educator has allowed her to work with all ages, genders, and races to explore art as a creative and therapeutic outlet for both emotional and physical well-being. Loren also uses her art to encourage diverse communities where all forms of art and expression are encouraged and valued.

Artist Statement

I am a multi-disciplined fine artist, painter, studying in mixed media and oil, unraveling layers of questions and attempts at answers. My goal is to inspire intersectionality and unity to artists and women. To create, to teach and listen to those who feel distorted by society’s aesthetics and expectations.

2014-Present: Freelance Art and independent Art Education,
2014-Present: Working with Gilbert and Leona,  http://www.gilbertandleona.com/
Creating paintings on the fabric as unique and random as the bags
2013-2018: Founder and teacher at ACC of Deptford (Academic
Cooperative Community)
2008-Present: Private art instructor. Offering lessons in painting,
drawing, portfolio presentation, as well as offering therapy for
children with disabilities, and the elderly.

2000-Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA
1999- Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Philadelphia, PA

September 2018 “Presence” Rowan College GC, NJ

August 2018 “Say Nice Things About Woodbury” A collaborative project between my homeschooled daughters and I, in an effort to spread positivity in, and about our community. We raised funds for stickers, postcards and T-shirts.

May 2018 “Let’s Connect: Philly Artists Take on the Barnes” Barnes Museum Philadelphia PA

March 2018 “Women” MADE Gallery, Woodbury, NJ

March 2018 “Don’t Shut Up” Ceres Gallery NY

February 2018 “Besos” The Eyes Gallery Philadelphia, PA

September 2017 “Warrior Women” The Hive Gallery, Chester, NJ

January 2017 “Nasty Women” Knockdown Center, NY


Nasty Women: An Exhibition in Queens Takes on Trump


5 Art Exhibits to See This Month in NYC

Nasty Women Fight Back at the Knockdown Center


January 2017 “Women under Siege” Ceres Gallery NY
Women who have been deceived and disrespected by our justice system.

5 Art Exhibits to See This Month in NYC

May 2016 “Art for the Cash Poor” hosted by InLiquid in Philadelphia, PA
Domestic Anomalies displayed

September 2015 “Our Bodies Our Blood” A Project about periods, cultural shame and our stories
Nova Scotia, CA

September 2015 “Talking about Feminism”
http://www.onwavestreet.com/events/2015/9/9/talking-about-feminism A conversation across generations

May 2015 “Maternal Narration” A female centered art show focusing on the connection to femme and “Motherhood”

September 2015 Hatchfund. Funding request to try to improve my artistic opportunities. So that I may be able to work on my craft without the stress of wondering how I can get more supplies.

July-August 2013 “Women in Charge”

November 2013 “Loren Covers the Greats” An audience participation show in which friends, acquaintances, and strangers request a piece of art to be copied in a combination of the artist style and my own. This series was incredibly educational for me as I learned to paint and try so many different styles.

January 2013 “Found Objects” An audience participation show in which local friends and residents dropped anonymous objects in a box out front of my home. I painted them in a still life, trying to change my practice and work small.


November 2018 Grant for painting of “Starry Night over Woodbury” a large installed white board for children and parents to “color” in the Family Court supervised play area for parents and children. Allowing for co-playing, creativity and positive family experiences.
September 2018 Barbara Deming Memorial Fund, finalist

October 2017 “Women’s Convention” Awarded travel, accommodations, meals and three day convention in Detroit.